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aodu(At Oracle Database Utility)之drux

函数drux,意思为decode RBA/UBA/XID,就是把她们解析成为易读的格式。

[oracle@db1 ~]$ ./aodu

AT Oracle Database Utility,Release 1.1.0 on Mon Jun 13 23:23:17 2016
Copyright (c) 2014, 2015, Robin.Han.  All rights reserved.
AODU> help
Available Commands:
      help      - Display this help
       dul      - oracle data unload,currently under developing
    unpump      - extract data from dmp files,currently under developing
    asmcmd      - asmcmd utility,currently under developing
      bbed      - bbed utility,currently under developing
      exit      - Exits
   asmdisk      - Check asm disks(e.g. asmdisk /dev/sdb1)
    unwrap      - Unwrap PL/SQL,e.g. unwrap prvtstat.plb prvtstat.sql
   dmpinfo      - Get dmpfile(exp/expdp) info,e.g. dmpinfo ohsdba.dmp
       asm      - ASM utility,internal use only
       rac      - RAC utility,internal use only
     optim      - Optimizer utility,internal use only
    ora600      - ORA-600 searching
  oradebug      - Oradebug utility,oradebug usage all
      host      - Enter OS terminal
     rowid      - Decode rowid,e.g. rowid AAAAECAABAAAAgiAAA
       scn      - Decode scn,e.g. scn 0x0000.00233d44
      rdba      - Convert RDBA into rfile# and block#,e.g. rdba 0x004062ff
      time      - Convert the number to checkpoint time,e.g. time 123456789
      drux      - Decode rba/xid/uba,e.g. drux rba 0x000024.000011bd.0010
     odlog      - Get archived/redo logfile info. odlog <filename>

AODU> drux  rba 0x000024.000011bd.0010
        RBA :0x000024.000011bd.0010

AODU> drux uba 0x0080438c.0226.16
        UBA :0x0080438c.0226.16

AODU> drux xid 0002.028.000004DA
        XID   :0002.028.000004DA
        seg#  :0x0002=2
        slot# :0x0028=40
        seq#  :0x000004da=1242



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