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Oracle 18c

Automatic In-memory,Full Database Caching
PDB,CDB,Oracle Flex Cluster,Oracle Flex ASM
Rapid Home Provisioning,Sharding,Scalable Sequences
Oracle ASM Flex Disk Groups,Refreshable PDB Switchover,PDB Snapshot Carousel,Zero-Downtime Database Upgrade

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Oracle Autonomous Database is the world’s first fully automated cloud database platform powered by machine learning.Oracle Database 18c is the underlying architecture of Oracle Autonomous Database. The new release delivers new machine-learning algorithms and faster performance for OLTP workloads.With the release of Oracle Database 18c, Oracle moves to an annual cycle to help on-premises customers streamline their operations with release updates, while delivering new features more quickly to cloud customers.




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Oracle Database 19c beta版可以测试了,感兴趣的可以登录https://pdpm.oracle.com填写表格,等待审核,审核通过后就可以下载安装包了