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在Windows上执行For Loop

windows上的For Loop和Linux上还是有些区别的。下面以在Linux和Window上执行oracle的sqlldr为例,我们来写个样本


for i in `ls *.ctl`
sqlldr test/oracle control=$i


 for /r %%i in (*.ctl) do sqlldr test/oracle control=%%i


@echo off
set "fst=0"
set "fib=1"
set "limit=1000000000"
call:myFibo fib,%fst%,%limit%
echo.The next Fibonacci number greater or equal %limit% is %fib%.

::-- Function section starts below here

:myFibo  -- calculate recursively the next Fibonacci number greater or equal to a limit
::       -- %~1: return variable reference and current Fibonacci number
::       -- %~2: previous value
::       -- %~3: limit
set /a "Number1=%~1"
set /a "Number2=%~2"
set /a "Limit=%~3"
set /a "NumberN=Number1 + Number2"
if /i %NumberN% LSS %Limit% call:myFibo NumberN,%Number1%,%Limit%
    IF "%~1" NEQ "" SET "%~1=%NumberN%"


The next Fibonacci number greater or equal 1000000000 is 1134903170.

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在Windows上执行For Loop