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Open Source Languages and Oracle Database

流行的开发语言和环境都有访问数据库的API。当用Node.js, Python, PHP and Ruby构建应用程序时,好好利用Oracle强大的数据库的特性

OCI | OCCI | JDBC | ODBC | Node.js | PHP | Python | Ruby | ROracle - Developer Centers

Scripting Language Developer Centers
Python - Python's cx_Oracle interface
Node.js - Node.js's node-oracledb module
PHP - PHP's OCI8 and PDO_OCI extensions
Ruby - Ruby's ruby-oci8 and oracle-enhanced active record adapter
R - R's ROracle driver
Scripting Languages and Oracle Cloud
DinoDate provides examples of accessing Oracle Database features from multiple languages. Each language shares a common AngularJS client and produces the same Restful API. The below diagram shows the basic structure of the application.

Prebuilt VirtualBox VM


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