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Oracle Database 12.2 Hands-On Lab

oracle 12.2 hands-on lab包含了以下的内容,是一个非常不错的实验手册
1.Upgrade an Oracle database (SID: UPGR) to Oracle
2.Plug in the upgrade UPGR database into an existing Oracle container database (SID: CDB2)
3.Migrate an Oracle database (SID: FTEX) to Oracle using Full Transportable Export/Import into a  new pluggable database PDB2
4.Work with Multitenant databases and implement new Oracle Database 12c features


This hands-on lab runs in an Oracle VM VirtualBox environment. In order to run the lab effectively you will need the following.
Minimum Hardware:
    CPU: Dual-core CPU
    Memory: 8+ GB RAM
    Disk space:
        20 GB for download of zip files
        60GB for expanded VM image
    NOTE: If your hardware is near the minimums, you will need to adjust the virtual machine settings inside VirtualBox. See below.

Required Software:
    Any 64-bit OS on which Oracle VirtualBox is available
    Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.0.10 or later. Download the latest version from
    Also include the VirtualBox Extensions package. This is a separate download from the same location

Suggested settings
        Motherboard -> Base Memory: 8192 MB RAM
        Processor: 2+ CPUs    

    Make sure that the value is not in the red area of the slider for CPUs or Memory.
    You may also want to disable the USB port, as this is not needed for the lab.

Password info
The lab will start at the Linux login screen. Login with a username of 'oracle' and a password of 'oracle'.
All passwords in the VM environment are 'oracle'. This is true for OS users such as root, and for Oracle users such as sys or system.


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